mypictureThe wanderlust hit me when I was 19 and studying abroad in London during my sophomore year at NYU. In between going to class and studying, which I tried to minimize as much as possible, I wandered the streets of London with my trusty A-Z guide – there was no google maps in 2002 – and planned weekend trips, mostly to mainland Europe. Over six months, I travelled to Oxford, Stonehenge, Scotland, Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Florence, Italy, Athens and Paris. It was one of the most defining experiences of my life.

Travel broadened my perspective. Going through different cities and experiencing different cultures taught this cynical New Yorker that there are many ways to be happy and live life. Travel gave me skills that were transferrable to other parts of my life. I gained communications skills (gesturing) and the ability to adapt in unique situations (hostels). I learned how to be resourceful (budget) and be a better problem solver (missed train). I became an efficient planner (interestingly, I want to work in strategy) and gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence.

With travel, I discovered a love of photography. I am not a professional photographer, but over the years, I’ve developed a keener eye for interesting compositions, which has translated into more compelling photographs. My pictures have always been the best souvenirs I could bring back from my trips.

Thank you for visiting!

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